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Property Management


Overall project success relies heavily upon the decisions made at the initial stages of the job. Combining skilled professionals with an open and collaborative approach, Gulf State Construction Services offers comprehensive pre-construction services , advantages on projects of various sizes and complexities, including:
  • Providing the assessments and recommendations necessary to make timely, informed and data-driven business decisions.
  • Better serving the interests of the project through relevant suggestions and hands-on partnership with owners, designers and construction teams.
  • Cost analysis and budgeting throughout the design phases.
  • Helping to manage the overall process by tracking details and holding team members accountable.
Our pre-construction services go well beyond traditional open – book cost estimating and value engineering to create more reliable schedules and budgets. We use the most relevant tools, technologies and processes, and get the right people involved at the appropriate time, to drive down project costs while maintaining the design intent and the customers overall goals.

Project and Construction Management

Gulf States Construction Services offers advantages on projects of various sizes and complexities depending on the type of client and their goals. With experience in projects such as the Louisiana Superdome, car dealerships, schools, churches, shopping and retail centers, restaurants, office space, interior – build outs, and many more; the Gulf States team can handle any project with excellence. From the pre-construction phase, permitting, to final completion, Gulf States Construction Services Turn Dreams into Reality.

General Contractor

Gulf States Construction Services performs construction services as a General Contractor under various forms of AIA contractual agreements. We are licensed in Louisiana as a Commercial and Residential General Contracting and Construction Management firm. GSCS provides Project Management, development oversight and planning services to public, private and institutional owners of real estate. Such as Church of the King, and the $260 million Louisiana Superdome renovations, post Hurricane Katrina.

Turning Ideas into Reality