Commercial Brokerage

Because Gulf States is a multi-disciplinary Real Estate Services Company, our Commercial agents are cross trained to identify the economic potential of properties for their clients and the most efficient and effective means of acquisition of those properties. They also can appreciate and have access to the expertise of our Development, Construction, and Project Management Teams. Having these complimentary professionals just “down the hall” has proven invaluable to our agents and associate brokers.

Today’s real estate world is much different than it was just five or ten years ago. Development regulations, flood insurance, finances and other issues are constantly changing. Our agents stay abreast of these changes to help their clients navigate through those critical issues when making investment decisions.  They are also trained to be entrepreneurial so they can identify unique opportunities for our clients, just like we did for the Louisiana Superdome Commission.   Overseeing putting "Humpty Dumpty back together again" (The New Orleans Superdome) after Hurricane Katrina was an iconic event for Gulf State Project Management Team.  However, what truly saved the Saints for the New Orleans region long term was the Benson Tower Real Estate play which we “envisioned” and helped perfect. 

Whether leasing or developing offices, warehouse/distribution facilities, retail or multifamily properties, our agents are completely supported in their continuing education pursuits, and are encouraged to become experts in those various real estate specialty areas that suit their strengths and personal interests. It is very difficult for a single individual to be an expert in all the sectors of the commercial real estate market that is demanded in today’s highly specialized real estate world. That is why when needed, we will use a “TEAM APPROACH” for larger projects that require multiple disciplines. Our goal is simply to get you the results you need, and hopefully a recommendation from you to others to utilize our services in the future.